I really love our little garden, and I get a lot of satisfaction out of it.  It’s also the reason for the visual theme of this website, and even the name, “Cultivating Wealth”.  So I thought I’d share what’s happening in the garden once a month for the next few months.

We have a little house in Montauk, where we have been steadily expanding our vegetable garden for the last three years or so.  What started as a few tomato plants next to the driveway has grown into raised beds, deer-proof fences, and grape vines which could (generously) be called a vineyard.  My husband and I are not exactly farmers, so we’ve learned a lot along the way.  Here’s what was happening in June:

  • Asparagus, Lettuce and Spinach.  We pretty much saw the last of these early in the month.  Did you know that if you don’t snap off the asparagus, it will grow to be about 4 feet tall?  Whoops!
  • Snap Peas and Snow Peas.  These came and went in June, but were delicious.  We tried snow peas last year, but this was the first time we got more than a few servings. Definitely will be back next year.
  • Beets, Carrots, Garlic and Onions.  These came earlier than I expected.  We’ve really just been thinning them, but we’ve had a few of each every weekend for the last month.
  • Herbs: Parsley, Sage and Cilantro.  Why is it that the cilantro is pretty much done for the season before my tomatoes get going?  My salsa and guacamole dreams remain unfulfilled.
  • String beans, Zucchini, Summer Squash and Tomatoes.  We’ve had a few baby zucchini and string beans, but I am preparing for an avalanche.  There are literally hundreds of flowers all over everything, and we did plant fifty (yes, 50) tomato plants after all.

This is the first time I’ve really written about my garden, but trust me, a lot of preparation has led to all this bounty:

  • We planned ahead, talked about what worked where and bought some seeds by mail over the winter.
  • We started seeds as early as February in a mini indoor greenhouse.  (Yes, I own a grow light).
  • Planting, weeding, and watering every week is actually a lot of work!

I love that we really haven’t had to buy any vegetables for a few months every year, not to mention having a four year old who voluntarily eats vegetables.  So far this year, we’ve pretty much eaten everything we’ve harvested.  I pickled some beets and carrots, but really as more of a novelty than anything else.  I will definitely be canning some tomatoes next month, and looking for ideas on what to do with all that zucchini!

More to come next month …