Ever consider having a tag sale to clean out your closet and make a few bucks?  I actually did it this summer!

Here is my story, and a few things I learned along the way:

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I’ve been talking about having a tag sale for years.  I decided to finally do it over Memorial Day weekend this year, which seems to be a popular weekend in our area.

Spread over two weekends, I “invested” at least 8 hours taking stuff from closets and storage, creating a pile in my living room.  What a mess!

Finally, the big day arrived.  I didn’t want to spend my whole weekend on this, so I decided on Saturday only, from 9-2.

After a few visitors first thing, it was pretty quiet for a while.  But it picked up, and I sold a ton of stuff we were unlikely to ever use again: side tables, twin bed, mattress, curtain rods & curtains, an extra DVD player, light fixtures, desk chair, random purses, and a few books, CDs and video games.

I made $128, and shut up shop by 2:00.  A few things went back in the house, but I sent most of the leftovers to Goodwill and the trash.

Just for fun, I considered my ROI (Return on Investment):

  • Investment: 8 hours sorting + 8 hours day of sale = 16 hours
  • Earning: $128 + clutter-free closets (priceless!)
  • ROI = 128/16 = $8 per hour + uncluttered closets!

Clearly, I was pleased. Here are some tips for a successful tag sale:

  • Start with a goal.  My goal was to get rid of some clutter, and make $100.  It felt good to achieve my goal!
  • Make it easy to find you.  I didn’t advertise enough; I just put up a few signs (and balloons) early that morning that I had prepared the night before.
  • Remember the power in numbers.  I already knew to expect a few other sales in the immediate neighborhood that day.  But you can also coordinate with neighbors – more sales mean more foot traffic for everybody.
  • Don’t label individual items.  A $1.00 table or $5.00 bin saves time.
  • Price it cheap. If you are trying to get rid of stuff, price it to move.
  • Wear something with pockets.  Cargo shorts were perfect for holding money, my phone, pen and paper.
  • Wear sunscreen.  I always seem to miss a spot …

Good luck and have fun!

Sara Stanich