Financial planning can be kind of a drag.  Save for retirementBuy more insuranceSave for collegePay off debt.

Planning for death or disability is not exactly uplifting.  Wouldn’t it be nice if financial goals were a little more fun?

sunset-fun financial goals, financial plan

Staying motivated is important so you don’t lose momentum in reaching your financial goals.  A shorter term goal can provide something to look forward to and keep *all* your goals on target.

Think about your financial goals – are they all long term?  Try setting a short or medium term goal, such as a vacation, wedding, home renovation, job change or move.

A trip may be the perfect fun goal.  The ideal time frame is 6 months to 2 years away.  Where will you go and when?  How much will it cost?  How long will it take to save to get there?  The idea is to SAVE for a goal, rather than pay for it using credit cards and continuing a cycle of debt.

Example: Vacation Rental

  • Transportation: $500
  • Lodging: $1500
  • Food & Drink: $800
  • Incidentals: $200
  • Total needed: $3000
  • Time to goal: 6 months
  • Monthly savings needed: $500

What’s your fun financial goal?  Create a plan and make it happen!


Sara Stanich