First of all, I hope everyone reading this is safe and not too terribly affected by Hurricane Sandy.  Millions of people (and virtually every person I know) were affected by this storm, and it looks like the return to normalcy will be a long one.

Toward the end of each month, I start drafting an update on the garden. But this month was a little different.  By Thursday the 25th, we knew that a storm was coming by Monday, and it was going to be big.

We often go to Long Island for the weekend and come back to Brooklyn on Sunday afternoon.  But by Sunday, we knew that school was closed Monday and lines were building outside grocery stores in New York.  We decided to stay in Montauk.  Our place is neither in an evacuation zone, nor particularly close to the water.  I filled the gas tank, hit the grocery store, and took a few pictures Sunday afternoon.

boarded upangry seaboardedoyster pond joining the atlantic

On Monday we went out for a few minutes in the morning and could see the Lake rising and big waves at Harbor and the Point.  The wind was really whipping!

culloden pointharborditch plains

I started wondering if staying was the right thing to do, especially after we lost power around lunchtime, well before the storm peaked.  We were able to keep our cell phones running with the car charger, and I was pretty glued to the news, especially coming from Twitter!

But there was nothing to do but wait.  We did jigsaw puzzles until it got dark.  We listened to the wind. Dinner by candlelight was actually nice.

Tuesday was quiet and still, with clear blue skies.  We reheated yesterday’s coffee with the fondue set and investigated the damage.  Branches all over the place, and a favorite tree split in half, but the basement was dry.  I assumed power was out in the whole town, but our neighbor told us town was open!  We went out for pizza for lunch, along with apparently every other family with young kids in the area.

tree in garden-sandy stormtree down in vegetable garden after sandy

Wednesday was Halloween.  Still no power, and boy did I want a hot shower.  We called LIPA (Long Island Power Authority) for an ETA.  They basically told us that it could be a week to 10 days.  But then an hour later, the power came back on – family happy dance!  I put Robbie in his skeleton pajamas – trick or treat!

trick or treat

My office building was flooded and still without power, so we are not sure when it will be up and running.  Really, what a storm.

We are back in Brooklyn and news continues to trickle in.  There are people who lost everything.  Things are getting better, but everyone seems exhausted and tempers are frayed.

The level of devastation is shocking, and I find myself thinking that I am the luckiest person on the planet several times a day.  If you can, please join me in contributing to the Red Cross.

PS.  Still eating from the garden this week.  Everything was blown over by the storm, but we had chard, beets, rosemary and even cherry tomatoes this week.