I was recently chosen to participate in a series of posts called, “Naked with Cash” at popular blog ConsumerismCommentary.com.

Participants will “reveal” their financial details on a monthly basis.  Readers and a team of Certified Financial Planner™ practitioners will comment on their progress and hopefully make helpful suggestions.

Team Sara” will include two of the participants in particular:

  • Calvin lives is in his early 40s and lives in NJ.  He is recently divorced and has a teenager.  He earns a good income, but has a lot of debt.
  • Kathleen is single and lives in Portland.  She is almost debt-free and planning to buy a condo this year.

This is only the first month, but it is fascinating already!  Watch my Twitter feed for updates!

I am so impressed with of all the participants and wish them the best of success!

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