I was recently interviewed for the Divorce Resource Podcast by Ani Mason, local Family Law Attorney and Collaborative Divorce Attorney.

Ani had lots of great questions about the sometimes confusing – but extremely important- world of retirement assets, which play a big role in many divorce settlement negotiations.

During the podcast, we discussed the following topics:

  • Retirement Accounts 101: What’s so special about retirement accounts? (3:00)
  • Employer Retirement Plans vs. Personal Retirement Accounts: What’s the difference? (4:22)
  • Explaining common Employer Retirement Plans — 401(k), pension (5:51)
  • Explaining common Personal Retirement Accounts — traditional IRA, Roth IRA, annuity (8:48)
  • Divorce Settlement Strategy: When should a divorcing spouse seek none/part/all of the retirement assests in their divorce settlement? Assessing liquidity, tax impact, and  balance. (12:10)
  • How I work with individuals and couples (18:00)

Listen at kem-law.com: Retirement Assets & Divorce

Listen at iTunes: Retirement Assets & Divorce


Ani Mason the divorce resource podcast interview - retirement assets and divorce

Ani Mason hosts “The Divorce Resource,” a podcast designed for listeners who are contemplating, going through or recovering from a separation or divorce. Each episode features an interview on a divorce-related topic. Her approach to divorce – like our podcast – is holistic, touching on the legal, financial, psychological, spiritual and practical implications of separating from a spouse. She also blogs at kem-law.com, the website for the Collaborative Law and Mediation Offices of Katherine Eisold Miller.

An experienced family lawyer, Ani Mason serves clients who are seeking less destructive options for divorcing, including collaborative law and mediation. Family conflict is comprised of many elements—legal, financial, psychological—and Ani is committed to providing her clients with divorce options that address the full spectrum of their goals and concerns, as holistically as possible. Her approach is to demystify the law and explain legal concepts in understandable terms so that families, who are the true experts in how best to resolve their conflict, have all the information and tools they need to make the right decisions about their future.


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