I try to post an update on the garden monthly (like I did for March and April), but somehow I missed May.

But it’s fun for me to write about my garden, and it is starting to deliver.  Here is what happened:

Snow Peas came late this year.  They didn’t get going until June this year, while they were finished by mid-May last year

Mid June Snow Peas-vegetable garden

Carrots did well last year, so we planted more.  Looking good!

Mid May Carrots 3-vegetable garden

Broccoli is not ready to eat yet, but busting out.  We covered the Broccoli completely with shade cloth this year, which kept it healthy and bug-free.

Late June Broccoli-vegetable garden









Tomatoes and squash are in the ground, and looking good for July/August/September eating.  Green beans have been plagued by earwigs and cucumbers are withered and sad … will I ever make pickles?

In the greenhouse (I can’t believe I have a greenhouse!), we are having fun experimenting with Key Limes, Meyer Lemons and Peppers.  We also have roots developing on Avocado pits and the top of a Pineapple.

Happy Summer!

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Sara Stanich