As I mentioned here, I am participating in a series of posts called, “Naked with Cash” at a popular blog called

It’s been really interesting.  Participants in the series update their net worth monthly, and discuss their current financial activity, concerns and success.  I find these kinds of “real” stories to be helpful – even if a particular situation is not exactly the same as yours; it is helpful to have a reference for what other people are doing.  (I always find this helpful regarding parenting concerns as well).

There are a total of seven participants in the series, at different life stages and levels of net worth.  I am commenting on two in particular:

  1. Calvin lives is in his early 40s and lives in NJ.  He is recently divorced and has a teenager.  He earns a good income, but has a lot of debt.
  2. Kathleen is single and lives in Portland.  She is almost debt-free and planning to buy  bought a condo this year.

Both are extremely motivated and have made impressive progress on their financial goals.  It’s great to see how much things can change in just six months!

Links for Calvin:naked with cash - cash flow - calvin


Links for Kathleen:naked with cash - cash flow - kathleen


I am so impressed with of all the participants and wish them the best of success!  Please read and let me know what you think.

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