If you are going through a divorce, you know that you’ll need to develop an accurate picture of the finances for your family.  But what do you need?

It’s an emotional time, which can make it easy to miss things.  Here is a checklist to help.

Please download through DIVORCE DOCUMENT CHECKLIST if you would like a print-friendly version.

divorce document checklist


This is a general list to help you gather financial information and will probably not have everything on this list. If you keep financial data on an accounting program such as Quicken or Quickbooks please bring a backup copy of your data files for the last two years. Please add other information that you think will help to this list.


☐ Cash sums in deposit box or elsewhere

☐ Checking accounts

☐ Savings accounts

☐ Credit Union accounts

☐ Certificates of Deposit

☐ Securities cash or money market account

☐ Bonds: Government, Church or Corporate

☐ Current brokerage account or investment firm statements

☐ Mutual fund statements

☐ Tax Basis Information of Liquid Investment Assets (Original Cost, Additional Basis of Dividends and Distributions reinvested)


☐ Recent 3rd party appraisal

☐ Tax Basis of Real Estate (Original Cost, Deferred Gain, Capital Additions, & Depreciation)

☐ Pro formas and projections for real estate investment properties

☐ Recent financial statements on real estate properties

☐ Original acquisition documents, including HUD statement and mortgage agreements

☐ If not on Original acquisition documents, legal description of property

☐ Original agreements on special purchase arrangements

☐ Partnership documents

☐ If leased personally, copies of lease agreements

☐ Description of purpose and value of real property owned

☐ Other properties: auto, boat, and plane titles


☐ Promissory notes signed by either spouse

☐ Installment sale documents

☐ Latest K-1 Form for all partnerships

☐ Original prospectus for all partnerships

☐ Progress reports on tax-sheltered investments

☐ Recent financial statements


☐ Employer stock options, summary of outstanding options, copies of award documents

☐ Employer Deferred Compensation, summary of account, copies of agreements

☐ Tax Sheltered Annuity, statement and summary of account

☐ Deferred Annuity contracts

☐ Summary of any immediate annuities paying benefits

☐ Summary of any charitable annuities


☐ Retirement plan booklets, Summary Plan Documents and Divorce Procedures

☐ Defined Contribution Plans, current statements (i.e. 401(k) or 403(b))

☐ Defined Benefit Plans (traditional pension), statement of accrued benefits based on work to date (or through termination) at normal retirement and earliest retirement age

☐ Government, Military or foreign benefits


☐ Life insurance policies on all family members

☐ Latest premium notice or policy statement

☐ Employer benefit booklets or summaries

☐ Individually owned annuity contracts

☐ Medical insurance policy

☐ Disability insurance policy

☐ Long Term Care Policy

☐ Liability (Umbrella) policy

☐ Automobile insurance policy

☐ Homeowners insurance policy, including schedules

☐ Group insurance certificate and booklets


☐ Credit card bills and charge account statements

☐ Current mortgage and any other loan statements

☐ Contingent Liabilities, amount and nature

☐ Promissory notes – money owed to institutions

☐ Promissory notes – money owed to individuals

☐ Amortization Schedules for amounts due

☐ Personal Credit Rating Report (www.annualcreditreport.com)


☐ Personal Federal and state income tax returns for last three years with source documents

☐ Trust Federal and state income tax returns for last three years

☐ Latest two pay stubs, showing gross pay and deductions

☐ Deferred compensation contract

☐ Employment Agreement or contract

☐ Business Federal and state income tax returns for last three years

☐ Corporate Organization Documents


☐ Client and spouse current wills

☐ Trust agreements

☐ Prenuptial Agreements

☐ Post nuptial Agreements


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