I thought October might be the last Garden report for the year, but more vegetables just keep coming. In addition to carrots and snowpeas, we had a TON of green tomatoes.

green tomatoes 2- vegetable garden, garden reports

We brought them in rather than let them rot outside, but what do you do with them? I’m not one for deep frying things, so fried green tomatoes were out of the question. So I consulted the internet, which suggested yucky-sounding things like green tomato pie.

I settled on pickling the green cherry tomatoes. We love pickles, and I’ve got 2 quarts of them, so I hope they are a hit.  (UPDATE: Not bad!)

For the canning tomatoes, we are trying to ripen them. They are spread out with brown paper paper and under them to speed the process. Fingers crossed!  (UPDATE: A lot of effort for 2 measly pints of tomatoes.)

The garden is prepped for Winter.  We’ve pulled up all the dead stuff, and brought some potted things inside for the duration.  See you in March!

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