Spring has finally emerged from our crazy-cold winter! Time for a garden report!

At least 56 inches of snow and temperatures below zero were tough on me but also on the garden. Certain things that over wintered in previous years, like rosemary, are totally dead, and the grapevines we’ve been nurturing for three years are not looking so good.

We got off to a late start. I know we had seeds in the ground for lettuces and snow peas in early march last year. The ground was still frozen solid this year.

But time marches on and we did start many seedlings indoors. Those are looking good and ready to plant in early April. We’ve got tomatoes, squash, and beans ready to transplant. Seeds planted directly in the ground include lettuces, carrots and snow peas. And we have an experiment running with last years bell peppers. We cut the splints way back and put them in the basement so they would go dormant all winter. The plan is that we will have peppers much earlier because they are already semi mature. I am dubious, but we’ll see.

Happy Spring everyone!

squash seedlings march 2014

Squash seedlings









flowers march 2014

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