Unfortunately, the garden is not looking very promising so far this year.  After a long winter with record cold temperatures, we got off to a late start, and I think we may have missed the window for the early-spring vegetables.



Here’s what is working this month:

  • Spinach and Lettuce – 2 bags so far, so not bad.  Arugula is still tiny, but coming along.
  • Snow peas – look healthy, but far from producing any actual peas.  I think it will be too hot for them by the time they get going and we will have missed their season.
  • Carrots and beets – in the ground and should be fine later in the summer.
  • Apples (?) – we have these cute dwarf apple trees that are pruned to grow against a fence (espalier).  They don’t produce fruit for the first few years, but we have a lot of buds and flowers, so I am hopeful this is their year.
  • Blueberries (?) – they look pretty good, but no berries to speak of.  So we’ll see.
  • Tomato seedlings were planted inside and look fine.  We’ll be putting those in the ground next weekend.
  • Squash seedlings are also looking good and will go into the ground soon.


Here is a tally of the dead:

  • Rosemary.  We had this massive rosemary bush that has been around for years, but is now totally dead.
  • Grape vines.  Poor hubby has put years of work into planting vines, with the supporting cables and everything.  There is not a bud in sight.  Sadness.
  • Fig tree.  It should have lasted the winter out in the greenhouse, but no.

Oh well, the forecast for May looks good and hopefully things will start picking up.

Dead Vineyard. Sigh.

Dead Vineyard. Sigh.

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