As I’ve shared before, my husband and I have been very happy with our decision to send our oldest son to elementary school at Success Academy, a charter school. Since kindergarten, our son has been academically and socially engaged, he’s benefited from incredible teachers, and we’ve been fortunate to become a part of a wonderful community of families from all over Brooklyn.

As our son was finishing elementary school this past school year, we were excited for him to continue his Success Academy journey into middle school. Unfortunately, though we registered our son for middle school months ago, we found out in June that the planned school-building will no longer be able to house Success Academy students. With just over a month until the start of the school year, we don’t know where our son is going to school. It’s maddening!

The details of the situation are complicated and political, but if you’re interested in learning about how we’ve found ourselves here, you can read more about it in Bklyner and here NY Post.

Today I was fortunate to join a group of other Success Academy parents to meet with Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams. The purpose of the meeting was to thank him for his support and hopefully get some advice on how to rectify the situation.

In the short term, Success Academy needs a school in Brooklyn (commuting 70 fifth-graders to Manhattan or the Bronx is not an option) where we can send our kids at the end of August .

Longer-term, the Success Academy needs more space (those middle-schoolers will need a high school, for example) and to ultimately to build common ground between the charter school network and other parents, teachers and political figures. We don’t want to fight theses battles every year, and we all just want the best for our kids.

I was so impressed with Eric Adams. He is an amazing communicator – everyone felt heard in the meeting, which is not easy to do – and he offered great advice for improving the relations of Success Academy parents with ALL parents in the community. He really knows his stuff, being raised in Brooklyn, serving in the NYPD for many years, and generally making education issues a priority.

Many parents can support the idea that we need more high-performing middle schools in Brooklyn. It seems like so many families love their elementary schools – but middle school is the time where kids tend to struggle, and it gets harder to “catch up” every year.

Please wish us luck – my boy needs a middle school NEXT MONTH!

Middle School Bound

Middle School Bound

Sara Stanich