It seems that every day another client is sharing news of layoffs and company shutdowns. Over the last five weeks, 26.4 million people in the US have lost their jobs. For context, this is more than all the jobs created since the 2008 recession.

This is a developing situation and no one is certain what comes next and how things will shake out. But we can help you understand the key financial issues you should be considering.

On Thursday, April 30th, we will offer a free webinar aimed at families facing a loss in income due to the COVID-19 crisis. We will address questions like these:

  • What are the benefits provided by the CARES ACT?
  • What benefits might be provided by my (former) employer?
  • What are my options for health insurance? What is COBRA anyway?
  • How should I “reset” my budget? What if I can’t pay my bills?
  • Are there any financial silver linings? Any planning opportunities related to taxes or investments?

Join us for information and get some crucial questions answered. Please forward to anyone you know who may be facing job loss or cuts. We’re all in this together.

Sara Stanich