While getting a master’s degree in Economics, I realized I wanted a more applied career than becoming a Ph.D. and a professor. Finance is the intersection of Economics and Psychology, and fascinates me endlessly. After completing that degree, I spent fifteen years as an investment professional, in portfolio management and investment research. I enjoyed the work, but wanted to serve clients more broadly and work directly with people for whom my efforts could make a positive impact. 

How I Got Here

After searching for and failing to find a company who would let me do things the way I felt they ought to be done, I tried running my own firm. I quickly learned I do not like running a business and I prefer to work with a team. Cultivating Wealth presented a wonderful opportunity to focus my efforts on clients and investments, working with a great team at a well-run organization.

My Approach

Many financial advisors and investment writers stress wealth maximization. I find it more helpful to focus on utility maximization. “Utility” is what economists talk about when dollars won’t measure what they’re studying, such as the personal benefits of charitable giving, or the anxiety caused by financial insecurity. 

What combination of accumulated wealth, income, risk mitigation, and time prioritization would support you living your best life? What are the various ways we can get you there? What are you scared of, and can we look at that together?

My strengths include the ability to hear the concerns behind what people are saying about their finances, and to analyze without judgement. I seek to understand, rather to impose my financial priorities on a client. I work to explore your current situation, prioritize work according to greatest risks and sources of stress, and collaboratively implement and maintain a customized plan to move towards your personal financial goals. I am told that clients find the process empowering and reassuring. 

Outside of Work …

I grew up in Maryland, live in Portland, Oregon, and have spent years in both Minnesota and California. I’m a divorced, co-parenting mom with two amazing children and three perplexing rabbits. When I’m not working with clients, studying for the Certified Financial Planner program, or cranking through spreadsheets, I’m gardening with enthusiasm but not competence, practicing yoga or strength training, singing too loudly in my kitchen, and co-leading my daughter’s Girl Scout troop. I love cooking and eating, biking and walking in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, and just sitting in my front yard with a cup of tea, watching the neighborhood dogs taking their humans out for a walk.

I would be eager to talk with you about how we could work together! 

About Suzanne

Suzanne Highet, CFA

Suzanne is a financial advisor and investment specialist at Cultivating Wealth with over 15 years of experience in the investment industry. She earned the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) designation in 2006, and holds both a bachelor’s degree in Economics from Carleton College and a master’s degree in Economics from Claremont Graduate University. 

Suzanne sets herself apart in that she first seeks to understand her clients’ needs, fears, and dreams, and then collaboratively implement and maintain a customized plan to move them closer to their personal financial goals. She hopes to empower her clients to experience financial clarity and peace of mind. When she’s not working, Suzanne is gardening with enthusiasm but not competence, practicing yoga and strength training, singing too loudly in her kitchen, co-leading her daughter’s Girl Scout troop, and studying for her CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER® (CFP®) exam. Suzanne lives in Portland, Oregon with her two children, and serves clients nationwide. To learn more about Suzanne, connect with her on LinkedIn.

Suzanne Highet
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