Client Information

Useful links and information for our clients

Right Capital

RightCapital is our online portal. We do financial planning projections, share documents, and track progress on your financial plan. We will add any accounts we are managing for you, but you can add ALL your financial accounts (bank, mortgage, credit cards, etc.) so we can see your total financial picture in one place.

TD Ameritrade
We primarily manage your investments at TD Ameritrade, a top 3 custodian servicing over 4000 Registered Investment Advisors. This is the place to go for tax documents and trade confirmations.

Deposit Information

  • To deposit a (paper) check directly at TD Ameritrade:
  • Checks should be made payable to “TD Ameritrade FBO YOUR NAME” . (FBO = For Benefit Of)
  • Checks under $50,000 may be eligible for deposit via the Advisor Client app
  • Or Mail to TD Ameritrade directly:
The phone number is 800 400 6288