Open Enrollment Made Easy Webinar

Do your eyes glaze over when you receive your annual open enrollment notice?

We’ll help you understand your choices, give you tips to help you decide, and point out any potential missed opportunities. Making the most of your employee benefits is one of the best ways to maximize your financial plan.

Investing and Personal Finance Webinar

Ever wondered what you need to know to become your own CFO? We’ll start at the very beginning of what investing actually is, why you might want to consider it, and how you get started.

Nannette Kamien, CFP, CDFA, MBA and Author, “Crazy College Money” leads this webinar hoping to answer any questions to topics you are curious about but didn’t know who to ask.

Economic and Market Update Webinar

We all know it’s been an unprecedented year, but how have the economy and markets been affected in 2020?

Please join us for a special webinar to discuss what has happened year to date and how we can prepare to weather ongoing challenges.

We hope to provide some clarity about recent events and peace of mind regarding the difference between a market movement and your individual financial plan.

Three Steps to Making Smarter College Money Decisions

Presented by Nannette Kamien, CFP, CDFA, MBA and Author, “Crazy College Money”

Coronavirus threw college life and admissions into chaos this Spring. So what do you do now?

Please join us for a special webinar to discuss college planning in the current environment and our three-step process to ensure smart financial decisions.

1. Understand your motivations
2. Get educated about the financial aid process
3. Evaluate schools based on financial fit and consider alternatives

Now, more than ever, these steps will help you make smart college money decisions.

Quarantine Finance Webinar

Free webinar by Cultivating Wealth financial planners. Discussion of financial questions related to the COVID-19 crisis:

  • What are the benefits provided by the CARES ACT?
  • What benefits might be provided by my (former) employer?
  • What are my options for health insurance? What is COBRA anyway?
  • How should I “reset” my budget? What if I can’t pay my bills?
  • Are there any financial silver linings? Any planning opportunities related to taxes or investments?