Caroline Gaddi

Marketing Associate

Caroline Gaddi is the Marketing Associate at Cultivating Wealth. A year and a half post-college and after some much-needed leisure time from schooling, Caroline crossed paths with Sara Stanich, creator of the firm, and her hilarious 5-year-old twins and after realizing their mutual respect and view on marketing, was invited to join the team.

During college, Caroline studied and graduated with high honors and a double-major degree in Writing and Rhetoric and Public Relations from the University of Rhode Island. With a passion for writing and an interest in the success of the companies she represents, Caroline brings a can-do attitude and forward-thinking on how to showcase a unique flair while ensuring optimal, positive rapport with prospective and current clients.

Caroline is Google Analytics certified, Google Ad certified and demonstrates her creativity through graphic design on Canva.

Though Caroline’s home base is in Massachusetts, she spends her summers in Montauk, New York and travels throughout the remainder of the year. She enjoys exercising, reading at the beach, writing and shopping. She is currently located in Montauk.

Caroline Gaddi